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Neverwinter Dungeon Revealed

Posted February 8, 2013 by Leeroy Jenkins in News
Neverwinter PIc

Neverwinter is a brand new, free to play MMO that doesn’t look half bad but at the same time looks like your typical dungeon crawler. If that is your kind of game, then more power to you but for some of us, we don’t want to just do the same thing over and over again that we have been doing for years. Yes, Neverwinter has the same mechanics, words, and loot system as every other MMO before it when in a dungeon, however, the combat system is a refreshing change to what most players refer to as the “WoW clone”.

Neverwinter has revealed to the beta testers their first take on a dungeon and for the most part, it’s the same as any other dungeon out there and it’s not that the design sucks, it’s just that Cryptic Studios is obviously taking no chances with the development of this project and nowadays, taking a couple chances is the only thing that will make players even look at what you’ve created. The Neverwinter dungeon video starts out with some trash and creeps along the way and as far as I have seen, it’s trash all the way up to a boss fight and then during the boss fight he summons, you guessed it, more trash! I couldn’t really find any creativity within the monsters themselves but again, the combat of each of the classes made it seem refreshing, at least for now.

When a player refers to the “stickiness” of a game, they are referring to how much the game has drawn you in and whether or not you are going to play Neverwinter for five minutes. MMO’s have been failing a lot lately and it seems that rarely (Guild Wars 2) they make an impact strong enough to keep a fan base worth making new content for. This dungeon is nothing special, but the gameplay makes it look more fun than most things being released nowadays.

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