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Dishonored Trophies Hint At Story DLC

Posted February 25, 2013 by Leeroy Jenkins in News
Dishonored DLC

It’s possible that Dishonored, as old and unplayed as it is nowadays is going to release another DLC pack, not that the first one really saved it. The first DLC for Dishonored had some side missions as well as some timed run that added some things to do but it didn’t really make it feel like it was an addition to the game which is exactly what downloadable content is supposed to do. I hope that fans out there reading this can hear me, Dishonored DLC was good but not great and there’s nothing wrong with that but stop pulling the whole “better than Assassin’s Creed” deal.

The Dishonored trophies system that has been updated for the PlayStation 3 hints that there will be some new adventures in Dunwall that provide a backstory for a ton of the reasons people were there in the first place and basically what it was that the main character was doing when these events took place and the DLC will add to the main story from that point on. There is something about playing a DLC pack that adds value to the main story and if you can’t accept that it’s better to play content that has to do with the main storyline, then you probably haven’t played DLC for more than one other game or seen what a GOOD DLC pack looks like.

The next Dishonored DLC should add some sort of back story that could have some sort of alternate story that proved there was an even more gifted assassin watching over you throughout the entirety of your journey. Like if you get some new moves and the entire DLC is even to do the same missions but from a completely different side of things, that would be a perfect DLC in my opinion.

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