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Destiny: Bungie’s New Project

Posted February 15, 2013 by Noxxic in News
Destiny Pic

It has been awhile now since Bungie has been working on Halo and now they have revealed what some people are calling a “legendary video” on their new title, Destiny. This is a game that actually looks somewhat similar to the Halo games but apparently they have been working on this title for over ten years with Activision. I have my doubts since they just up and left the Halo series in a hurry and it makes me think that maybe some things with this game weren’t complete for that very reason.

Destiny is about our race and how advanced we were, adventuring out in to space and wouldn’t you know it, we pissed off some aliens and they “hit us hard” at our home planet. All hope seemed lost before we stumbled across the Traveler, who/what is referred to as an iconic hero of legend but when the video gets to revealing just what the traveler is, it looks like some floating ball and that’s exactly what it is. The role you play is just as big as a guardian of the new city that has been built underneath the Traveler that now hovers low over the earth. As a Guardian, you possess some of the power that the Traveler left behind when it fought of the alien race and now that we have regrown and rebuilt, we are going back in to space and its your turn to defend us.

I saw some actual gameplay footage and it did truly look amazing, but it seems that every video game being released lately is all wrapped up in this pretty packaging and when it comes down to it, it’s just another let down. Let’s see if Bungie can create yet another legendary game, working with Activision on Destiny.

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