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Video Games Inspire Military Branches To Create Better Training Programs

Posted January 21, 2013 by Felisha "Nightingale" Silva in News

Recently, the Navy and US Army has started thinking about new ways to train their new recruits. And the inspiration for wanting to go about this new way of training? Video games.

Brian Waddle, Havok’s vice president of sales and marketing stated the following to National Defense Magazine:

“The industry needs to find a way to get past the older code that’s sitting out there. [Soldiers] look at these simulators, and they don’t take them seriously because they don’t look as good as what they’re playing in their living rooms.”

Very true. The military are looking into contracts for the creation of better, more up-dated PC simulation games, something more real and along the lines of Call of Duty and Battlefield 3. The Army is seeking out a first-person MMO shooter. One to replace the one they use now, Bohemia Interactive’s Virtual Battlespace 2. They are urging applicants to create a program that can integrate a majority of players, and can replicate battlefields and territories such as Afghanistan. The Army is offering up around $44.5 million over a course of five years to the winning applicant.

As for the Navy, they are looking for a way to train their sailors in all special tasks, a training program of sorts that can run on Crytek’s CryEngine 3. The Navy is offering up three separate contracts of around $100 million each for the programs’ creations.


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