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The Elder Scrolls Online PVP System

Posted January 25, 2013 by Leeroy Jenkins in Editorials

The Elder Scrolls Online has officially locked in the top spot of “most anticipated MMO in the history of video games”. It is clearly going to be the best of both worlds since it is going to take the best of Elder Scrolls and the best of MMO’s a to the most and try to mash it in to the most amazing game that will ever be played on the computer, and maybe even the console since it hasn’t been ruled out. The only thing that has not been covered in depth, is how amazing the PVP is going to be in this legendary title.

The three alliances will be battling each other for control over the imperial city of Cyrodiil and for those that actually win control over the city, will enjoy splendor like they have never before seen in an MMO. Reaching even further in to the rewards system, the player that ranks the highest in the battles that will be held for the city is the player that will be crowned the new Emperor of the imperial city. I think that this can end extremely well, as long as the Emperor doesn’t have too much control over other players, rather than just giving MORE rewards to his guild and friends. Siege weapons, battling for resources, and wall-to-wall engagements will take place on this megaserver and it is sure to promise some of the most interesting PVP ever seen in an MMO.

Points and gold will also be rewarded based on how much the player participates within the PVP battles and before everyone starts yelling “pay to win”, it’s “play to win” to be looking at it correctly. There will be a scaling system and the battles will support hundreds of players on your screen at once so hopefully it ends up as perfect as it’s looking. The beta will be out soon and players will have a chance to see just how well Bethesda is going to take care of the dedicated fans.

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