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MLB 2k13 Announced

Posted January 9, 2013 by Esteban Cuevas in News

A bit surprising news today, as Major League Baseball 2k13 has been announced for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. “We’d like to thank our league partners for their support in helping us reach an agreement to bring back MLB 2K,” said 2K Sports VP of marketing Jason Argent.

Last year in May, Take Two Interactive announced the discontinuation of the yearly series saying, ”MLB 2K12 is our last offering under that agreement.” The MLB series has been nothing but a loss for the company in recent years and they as a result decided to move away from sports titles. With the College Hoops, Top Spin, and NHL series already canceled, this would’ve been just the latest canceled sports series. Concurrently, the NBA 2k franchise is the only series the company is keeping, as it is highly profitable. Because of this, there would’ve been no MLB title for Xbox 360 owners this year, though PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita owners would still have the MLB The Show series that Sony produces in-house.

Regardless, it looks like there will be a 2k MLB title this year after all. Not many details are known about this title but what is known is Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price will be the cover athlete and the Perfect Game Challenge will return. The Perfect Game Challenge is a million-dollar competition revolving around throwing a perfect game. The format for the contest is said to be different this year but specifics were not given.

I did a review of the last 2k MLB game last year, Major League Baseball 2k12, and while there were some good ideas with the game, overall it was pretty disappointing. The game mechanics and glitches were really what made the game rage inducing. I’ve played other MLB 2k games and they are even worse. Hopefully, there’s some type of polish to this game as it’s the only MLB game 360 owners will get. What do you think about this announcement? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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