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Defiance Beta Starts January 18

Posted January 6, 2013 by Leeroy Jenkins in News
Defiance Pic

Defiance Beta Starts January 18

Massive Multiplayer Online games have been growing rapidly more and more each year and in 2013, players are going to play on they’ll never forget; Defiance. Defiance is Trion’s new Shooter MMO that will put players on a world influenced and inhabited by both humans and aliens that are living side by side battling for survival. This MMO is going to be unique from most others currently not only because of the fact that there will be guns, and a new story, but because the game is going to follow a new television show to air in April of 2013 that will go hand in hand with the game.

The show is about the same exact thing and SyFy and Trion have both promised that when players see a big event happen within the show of Defiance, they are going to notice and see that change within the game. And if players do something huge or influence the world by working together in the game, the show is going to influence that as well. This is going to change the future of gaming in my opinion, because one thing a gamer will never turn away is recognition. And that’s recognition for the missions and things that he/she has accomplished and what better way to do that than throw it up on the SyFy channel.

The beta for Defiance starts on January 18 and will only be continuing until the 20th so players don’t get their hands on too much before the game releases in April of 2013. The only concern of mine is that I want to see some objectives or know the point/story behind the game. I hope it’s not just, “kill aliens, get experience”, but instead follows a true story that is surely to be included within the television show. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

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