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Best PS3 Games of 2012

Posted January 13, 2013 by Staff in Features

The PlayStation has become every avid gamer’s paradise with every passing year. With blockbuster games being dished out every year, it has become increasingly harder for players to let go of that console. And to add to the fun and excitement, the year 2012 has left gamers all over the world excited and craving more. Ever since the release of the PS3, we knew the world would never really be the same. With games such as GTA and Hitman making comebacks, who can turn away and ignore the unlimited hours of mind-numbing fun and exhilaration?

All of these games have an USP that gamers cannot ignore. Some of them had big shoes to fill, with their predecessors making gigantic waves and spawning huge cult followings, and they did that pretty well!

Hitman Absolution:

Hitman Absolution

The Hitman franchise has come a long way since its release. In the latest of the series, Absolution, Agent 47, the famed and feared assassin returns to take on more bloody assignments and contracts. A twist in the tale results in the agent finding himself betrayed by his employers and hunted by the police. The game then takes us on Agent 47’s journey of finding out the truth. The classic gameplay that the Hitman series is famous for is available here too, and it ensures hours of adrenalin-filled action sequences and missions.

Papo & Yo:

Papo & Yo

Released in August 2012, this particular game seems to be nothing special at first glance. With the central theme being a fantasy/ adventure one, the game revolves around Quico, a young kid on the run from his alcoholic and abusive father. The kid has magical abilities that allow him to turn his environment into a dream-like world. This is where the game’s uniqueness starts to emerge. The kid has complete control over the dream world and every little thing he does translates to something big in the real world. Lifting a cardboard box can cause a whole building to be uprooted, for instance. The main aim of the game is to prevent a monster from getting to frogs. Eating frogs makes the monster lose control, and turn into a fiery beast that kills everyone in its path. Papo & Yo has a unique gameplay that portrays the world through the eyes of a kid with great imagination.



This game was released by LightBox Interactive in may 2012. It involves building bunkers, structures and defense systems while in a battle, and the game involves a lot of vehicular combat as well. Mix that with the new Build ‘n Battle strategy system the game introduces, and we have gotten a heady mix of awesome adventure and edge-of-the-seat game play. The game comes with single player as well as split screen multiplayer modes. Online gameplay pits the player against up to 32 of his online gamer buddies, and that can only mean hours of fun. The game manages to cling on the Third Person Shooter genre, with a dash of Real Time Strategy (RTS) feel thrown in to the mix.

We were able to find all of these blockbuster games and a lot more at Tesco. With great offers on games such as these and many more to look forward to, you can be sure to find your favorite PS3 games here at Tesco.

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