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Multiplayer in Far Cry 3 is Awesome

Posted December 9, 2012 by Noxxic in Editorials
FC Multiplayer

The multiplayer in Far Cry 3 is by far better than most of the multiplayer games that I have played to this date, considering it’s a story-based game to begin with. All of the Far Cry games have always been about the campaign and storyline, but in Far Cry 3, you can tell that Ubisoft did more than just tack on a little extra feature at the end of the epic game.  The multiplayer has all of these features and I am proud to say that even though I am focused on finishing the game before I get to deep in to the decorating business, but it’s really tough to put it down once you start.

The multiplayer in Far Cry 3 uses a class based system with up to six different weapon slots and different perks and bonuses across the board. The guns range from anything to a basic assault rifle to a bow with flaming arrows, all the way from perks that help to see through walls and shouts that boost your team’s effectiveness. The hit registration in this game actually makes you feel like you’re wielding a weapon, and the rally system in the game, is awesome to say the least. Something that Ubisoft did without any sort of warning at all is make a fully functional multiplayer with a ton of modes. It’s cool that when you beat the enemy team, if you scored the highest, you get to decide what to do to that person whether it be “punish” them or show “mercy”.

The last thing expected was some fun and engaging gameplay, at least from my end in the competitive multiplayer, I had no strong feelings for it, before I played it and am just not that much more impressed with Ubisoft and this game.

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