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Bethesda Finally Reveals Some Positive Skyrim News for PS3 and PC Owners

Posted December 7, 2012 by The Laymen's Gamer in News

In a recent post on the Bethesda Blog, a staffer posts about how Bethesda will be focusing on bringing Dragonborn to Skyrim on the PC and PS3. This has been something of a heated topic as Bethesda has handled support and development, in my opinion, of Skyrim on systems other than the XBOX 360 rather poorly, making it nigh impossible to play the game under certain circumstances.
I don’t know the whole story, technically, but it goes something like this: when you start Skyrim from the beginning, the game starts taking note of everything you do, everything you come across, everyone you meet and what you’ve done with them, who you’ve killed, helped, or otherwise ignored. It might sound redundant, at first, to think about, because other games do this pretty frequently, if to a lesser extent. You’re right, it’s pretty insignificant, in principle. However, the problem goes in how Bethesda has handled development of the game: for reasons unknown, at this point, Bethesda decided to do a direct port of their XBOX 360 version to PS3 and PC. I don’t know if any of you really know anything about any system’s architecture but in a game with the kind of scale and methodology that Skyrim has, you just can’t do that.
It would seem that a lot of people just assumed these issues would be patched, eventually, because the issues surrounding this weren’t affecting everyone and they were nothing more than annoying unless something catastrophic – but unlikely – happened, but that never came and the issues persisted. When there were talks of DLC coming for the game, hopes were high that content would at least make some of these problems worth it but with the nature of the problem, adding content would only serve to make things worse and, as is the nature of these things, XBOX 360 was the only system to even see release of this content. Same story when yet another content pack dropped and the ire only grew and grew as the game was patched but nothing, short of tweaks here and there, ever changed.
Fast forward to now, when people are talking about Dragonborn. Honestly, I haven’t picked up Skyrim since I beat everything I possibly could on my PS3 copy of the game on the highest difficulty. The story left a kind of gap for me that screamed for further expansion and exposition, so I was anxious to see what Bethesda would do with DLC. They’ve done expansions and content release for games passed, so I figured there was some to come for me. It never came and after hearing the nature of the problems and seeing two content packs come and go with only XBOX 360 players benefiting from the releases – which seems suspicious in this whole business because the content packs saw a “30 day exclusivity” to the system, showing favour to Microsoft and implying favour to Microsoft from day one of development –  I’ve grown rather bitter on this issue.
Having seen this blog post I’m sincerely torn. I’ve heard many companies, including Bethesda regarding this issue, say they will do what they can to please the fans but it’s really a mixed bag as to whether or not it will go exactly as planned. From my limited knowledge of programming I can gather that this problem will only be solved, 100%, by reprogramming the game from scratch for both PC and PS3. Patching the game will solve most issues but it will never be 100% sustainable, in my opinion.
What have I taken away from this post from Bethesda? Nothing. I have taken a stance of “when I see it, I’ll believe it” regarding this stuff and I won’t budge, there.

Bethesda, I give to you a plea: if you’re going to do a multi-console release, don’t be sloppy. That’s all I’m asking. You could have avoided a lot of this by just doing things a little differently. I’m not going to tell you how to do it because I seriously don’t understand all of what goes into it but I do know enough to know that it should have been handled a little bit better. That’s all I have to say about that.

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  • GGirl77

    Bethesda has made the most amazing thing ever with this game. Can’t get enough of it.

  • Diablo88

    Skyrim foreverr!!!!! haha

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