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Hitman: Absolution Successful So Far

Posted November 21, 2012 by Leeroy Jenkins in Editorials
absolution pic

Hitman: Absolution has been released and Square Enix really pulled out all the stops to continue a game that deserved a brilliant title. Hitman: Absolution is graphically stunning, the storyline is deep and actually has meaning, and the killing is better than it has ever been before with more diversity and working the environment in to your actions. The first level is a wonderfully done tutorial in which Agent 47 learns how to navigate, adapt, and kill. The game, from the limited bit that I have checked out looks amazing and the last thing that I’m worried about with this title is that there’s not enough.]

The first level shows Agent 47 being guided through the jungle and navigating his way through some treacherous areas using the abilities that he is prompted to use. If you’re supposed to distract an enemy, you will see an item flashing that you can use to distract an enemy and the AI in this game are a perfect balance of stupid (as are most henchmen) and smart in that they spot you rather easily and will follow you until death if they see you.

Killing foes with barbed wire and learning how to switch from cover to cover is not going to be all there is to Hitman: Absolution. Square Enix wanted to take it slower and sort of ease players in to becoming the world’s perfect killer so keep up the good work assassins and keep trying to perfect the technique. The grading system in Hitman: Absolution is perfectly designed with the ability for a player to see a step by step review of how they did so they can improve and work harder  every time they turn on a video game. So far the launch is successful so we’ll see if it can stay that way for awhile and if so, how long?

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