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Black Ops 2 Posing Some Problems for EU PS3 Owners

Posted November 16, 2012 by The Laymen's Gamer in News

Some people in the European Union are having problems with enjoying their pre-ordered copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. As it turns out, pre-order codes are not working and there are some serious connectivity issues. Treyarch and Activision have acknowledged the connectivity issues and state that “we are currently testing backend matchmaking changes that we think can help with this” but this is hardly reassuring, as this reminds me of issues that I had with Marvel vs. Capcom 3; those didn’t seem to be resolved for some time. While some players are reporting that things are getting better, it’s still rocky for most.
As for the pre-order codes, though, which allowed access to additional maps and content, all Activision seems to say is to contact Sony’s support lines for help. While Sony has reported to users in the EU that Germany has users that have redeemed their codes, there’s no official word on the subject that things are going smoothly at all.
While there’s no word of any of these kinds of problems on our side of the ocean but only time will tell. Hopefully, this is a one-off kind of thing and players will be able to enjoy Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 all around the world.

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  • Diablo88

    hahaha i find this to be hilarious, sorry

    • The Laymen’s Gamer

      I find it to be bittersweet that the one game everyone seems to jump on board with isn’t even that stable, new, or great to begin with. That’s my opinion, though.

  • Elitist

    happens almost every cod launch lol you’d think they would learn by now….

    • The Laymen’s Gamer

      Look at Diablo III as another example – hell, just about every Blizzard title that uses – of the network hub just not being able to handle the kind of traffic that it was sure to get. I really think the idea behind this is to make sure they don’t overspend on network stability, save a little cash. You’d think they would spend what they could to keep the user experience positive but… sometimes that just can’t happen.

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