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League of Legends: Elise the Spider Queen

Posted October 27, 2012 by Leeroy Jenkins in Editorials
Elise Pic

Another legend has been added to the league in this week’s rotation of champions and that champion is Elise the Spider Queen. This mistress of arachnids is one of the most interesting champions to hit the spotlight in quite some time in that she has a total of eight spells and two different forms. These two different forms (human form and spider form) allow her to be both a ranged and melee character. Players are dropping the cash for some Riot Points to purchase the Spider Queen because Riot is doing a wonderful job in making all of their new champions more fun as they are released.

Playing as ranged, Elise casts spells to stun her targets in webs and puts bleeds on the targets to build stacks of her spiderling pets and when she is at max, she can pop ‘spider form’ and that’s where the real fun begins. The attacks while Elise is in spider form are increased in damage and GREATLY increased in speed. Her movement speed is also greatly increased and she is much more versatile as far as mobility is concerned, in that she can ‘rappel’ up in to the air and then gain some ground by descending down on a champion or just further along the ground.

Elise the Spider Queen is a start to some of the most interesting champions that are ever going to join in the League of Legends. Riot is getting more and more innovative with the champions that they create and they are favoring the whole change/evolution side of the game with Kha’zix and now Elise. For players that have yet to try League of Legends, now is the best time to get involved because it’s going to start getting a lot more interactive in the near future.

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Leeroy Jenkins

  • Codkid77

    Dude she is so much fun but hard to learn! =( I don’t know if I stack ability power or attack speed/damage.

  • Elitist

    Well I’d go ability power since she gets so buffed and human form could use some damage.

  • Jmanx

    hahaha I can’t stand her, she drives me crazy.

  • Ggirl77

    I think they’re getting lazy with the designs but we’ll see….

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