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EA’s SimCity to Release on March 5th, 2013

Posted October 24, 2012 by Felisha "Nightingale" Silva in News
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SimCity will return on March 5th, 2013, according to an early press release from EA. This is the first game since the 2003 SimCity 4 release.  In the new SimCity, they introduce the new GlassBox engine.

You can already preorder the game through EA’s site, and through the game’s official site. The limited edition priced at $59.99, and will include the Heroes and Villains set, complete with characters, their “lairs”, and multiple crime waves. And then there is the digital deluxe edition, priced at $79.99, which will include the Heroes and Villains set, along with three DLC’s,  the French City Set, the German City Set, and the British City Set. With the three DLC, you can customize your city by having the same architecture as the actual locations.

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  • Elitist

    Dude they’ve taken like the coolest game ever and kicked it over the edge of epic!! This is going to be down right amazing.

  • Keira

    It’s gonna be sooooo cool! Can’t wait!

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