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Dynasty Warriors 7 Hits the Xbox 360 Dashboard

Posted October 25, 2012 by Noxxic in News

The Dynasty Warriors series is one of the most legendary in all of video game history and the latest of the games has hit the Xbox 360 Dashboard. Dynasty Warriors is the ultimate ‘one versus thousands’ game where the hero must fight an entire army and overcome a tyrant leading thousands to take over a hill or castle that you must hold off until reinforcements get there or you counter charge and take over their armies. It’s a great feeling playing real warriors that have actual stories in the dynasty legacy that this game follows.

I haven’t played the games in the longest times but Dynasty Warriors 7 is the last game that Koei has made and the first game of the series that I played was Dynasty Warriors 4 for the PlayStation 2. That was almost a decade ago and there has only been three games after that so that tells you how much time that this developer is spending on a game that they have considered their little pride and joy. In Dynasty Warriors 7, it’s the first game that is starting with an unlocked faction known as the Jin dynasty that provides several characters for the player to enjoy. Some of the other all-star characters that were in the old games are still in the game like Guan Yu and Cao Cao.

The game is in the On Demand section of the Dashboard and the last thing that people expected was for the game to even still be relevant. It’s true that this game is not the most popular game out there but it has to be one of the most underrated games ever made. Even if you have not checked out one of the games in a long time or not at all, Dynasty Warriors 7 is the perfect time on the dashboard.

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