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Will Jet Set Radio HD Be Fun?

Posted September 11, 2012 by Noxxic in Editorials
jet set radio hd

Jet Set Radio was an extremely old game made for the original Xbox that was about skating and graffiti that has been remade and it looks fun. Skating around the city, players can pick up missions, skate around with their friends or follow the storyline that has skating, graffiti art gifted kids taking down a corporation. You will use the underground world of skating and graffiti art to skate around and get rid of the publicity stunts, media and advertise for an opposing company that plans to take the other one down.

You really didn’t have to follow the main story if you wanted to, you could just skate around and score points for the amount of tricks you do in succession. Jet Set Radio was made with cell-shaded graphics which was very unique for its time and its even being used by the newest games being released today like Borderlands. No matter what a player decides to do, they are a member of a gang so they do need to make sure that they avoid the police and rival gangs as well. Now the old game was fun and entertaining for a while because of how unique it was but eventually the game got repetitive and felt like a complete waste of time. The tricks end up being the same and no matter where you encountered the police or rival gangs, the same chase scenes or actions went down. Now this could have been because of when the original was made but normally they don’t do anything to the game itself when they remake the graphics for HD, but hopefully there was something that could have been done to make this game fun.

Jet Set Radio HD should be released with the same changes made in the sequel for the original Xbox and the game would easily be a big name coming out. Something for gamers out there to try but don’t be fooled in to getting too pumped up for this one.

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  • Mr.T

    “Jet Set Radio was an extremely old game made for the original Xbox” I grabbed my copy of it and put it in my Xbox it didnt work since its a Dreamcast game foo. Jet Set Radio Future was on the original Xbox and that was the sequel to the Dreamcast game. I Pity the Foo who doesn’t repesct the game. XD

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