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The War Z: The First Zombie MMO Ever

Posted September 15, 2012 by Leeroy Jenkins in Previews
war z

The War Z is one of the most unique games ever to be released in to the gaming world in that it is not about leveling or gaining stats, it’s about one thing and one thing only; survival. The score and experience that is going to be awarded to the players for surviving is not going to make you advance to some high end level, no it will just make surviving a little bit easier. The way players are scored is based on how long they survive, no matter how short or long that is.

Players are going to be trying to gather food and materials as they navigate the terrain and other players have to be worry about being killed by hordes of zombies, as ninety five percent of the world has turned in to an undead mess and it’s not just zombies that the players have to worry about. One thing people can count on in a zombie apocalypse is that you can’t trust anyone so it’s not just zombies, but other players that are going to be killing you while just trying to survive on their own. The coolest aspect of this is that in every game out there with zombies you always have to kill them, but in The War Z it’s an open world infested with undead so it’s up to you based on what you want to do with your character and your time.

Not only does it feel amazing to hold off a wave of zombies and get by on the tools that you find, it’s that much better when it happens with friends. Yes, The War Z supports cooperative gameplay and you can even host your own servers to stay in the zombie game and on top of stuff. This game is going to change the way MMO’s are handled. The closed beta is taking registrations now and there are sure to be a ton of people picking up their keys and giving this horror, survival game a shot.

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