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Syndicate Hits Games on Demand

Posted September 27, 2012 by Leeroy Jenkins in News
syndicate pic

Syndicate is a game worth looking back at and now is the perfect time for players to check it out since it’s hit the dashboard for On Demand. Syndicate is a game about turf and gang wars in the future that use cyborgs as their soldiers. It is one of the most unique games ever made and it is done how shooters were supposed to be done. The story is that you go on these set missions as a character of your choice and you get these chips by killing certain enemies and get them one hundred percent of the time if you kill a boss.

It’s amazing that Skrillex made a song called Syndicate and used it as a track for the game with the same exact name but the game itself is challenging, and very enjoyable. You are able to take routes that you normally wouldn’t so you can flank certain robots and people to make running and completing the mission you are on that much easier. The guns that you are able to upgrade are almost as customizable as the agents themselves with their body parts and cyborg parts. You are able to pick certain abilities that you want based on how you want to play and you are able to choose for the route that supports the single player campaign or you can talk with your friends and figure out what builds would go best with each other.

Syndicate is worth the time and the money to check out and if you have a tight group of friends that are looking for something fun and exciting to do as well, this is the game for them and you. It may not be the newest, but it is causing quite a stir in the On Demand section on the Dashboard.

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