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RIFT Still Looking Good

Posted September 12, 2012 by Noxxic in Previews

The world of Telara is still being ripped apart by Rifts but you and your heroic friends have been teaming up for quite some time and it’s looking good. Trion games has done an amazing job with keeping this MMO adventure game up to date since back in the day when it first came out with the “This isn’t Azeroth anymore” advertisement on television. Now as many gamers know, it’s a very big deal to call out a game like World of Warcraft or a developer like Blizzard. There are a lot of gamers that do not even know who Trion games is but if they play their game Rift, they’ll want to get to know them a lot better.

For those that don’t know, Rift puts the gamer in the torn world of Telara and when you are questing, there are random rifts that appear that put a tear in space and time between realms that spawn monsters out of them and it requires a lot of teamwork to get the rift shut and survive. Trion is still kicking out a ton of expansions and little add-ons for the game and  other than MMO’s that are new or have an expansion coming out (damn near all of them) this game is the best one of them all. Class requirements aren’t really there, because if you’re good enough, you are able to be a tank, healer, and damage class all at the same time while you fight off hordes of monsters that can appear randomly.

There is nothing like when you hear an event is happening close by and you join in the fight to hold off the rift and when you win, the rewards are bountiful to say the least. Keep up the good work Trion and your game will soon rise to the top since it seems to be your game that players don’t get bored with.

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