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League of Legend’s Newest Champion: Kha’Zix the Voidreaver

Posted September 20, 2012 by Noxxic in Editorials
lol champ pic

League of Legends has had a fresh champion rotation every week for quite some time now and now a new monster joins the rotation. Kha’Zix the Voidreaver is going to be summoned in the upcoming patch to rip and tear his way through minions and champions alike. The last champion to come out was a clever witch that uses and controls orbs and is a master of the mind. It makes perfect sense that the next champion is a mindless monster that literally devours his enemies using the powers of the void to do so.

Riot games has, like with all the other champions that they give sneak peeks for, provided all of the moves that Kha’Zix will be performing to earn his kills and has given a picture of this Voidreaver as well. His passive ability alone, for all those serious LoL gamers out there, gives him the ability to do extra damage and put a slow on the enemy if they do not detect him for a period of time. This makes him the perfect “jungler”, so run around that forest and kill those buffed creatures to add to your assassinations. One of the coolest abilities to hit League of Legends as well, is Kha’Zix’s ability to passively target single targets and perform a move called “Taste Their Fear” which will only deal that damage if they are marked as alone. Without giving too much more to spoil the mechanics of the champion altogether, he is worth saving your “Influence Points” up to be ready for his arrival.

Riot needs to stay on the track that they are on because they have not really kicked out a “bad champion” for quite some time. The patch is on its way and summoners are counting down the days so get your practice in now for the assassin beast on his way through the Void to League of Legends soon.

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