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Halo 4 Enemy and Weapon Types Revealed

Posted September 10, 2012 by Esteban Cuevas in News

As Halo 4 creeps closer and closer to its November 6th release date, developer 343 Industries has slowly been releasing information on the new antagonist for the game, the alien race known as the Prometheans. The latest information comes from the most recent issue of Game Informer, which has a series of character and weapon cards that give a better idea of the Promethean forces you’ll be going up against.

The Prometheans can be separated into two categories: Knights and Crawlers. Basic Knights are basically foot soldiers, while Lancer, Commander, and Battlewagon Knights are variants players will also see and will differentiate in difficulty. Knights also spit out Watchers, which are flying robots that deploy shields around its respective Knight, resurrect defeated Knights and summon robot dog-like Crawlers into firefights.

Master Chief will be on the Forerunner world of Requiem and the Forerunner weapons will come in several different forms. Six will be projectile weapons and one will be a new grenade type. Each of the six weapons will be familiar to players as other weapons but with slight alterations. The Scattershot is essentially a shotgun whose ammo can ricochet off surfaces, for example. The Boltshot, a weapon similar to a pistol, utilizes energy blasts rather than bullets and was said to be used in the war against the Flood.

The Binary Rifle is a sniper rifle with a particle accelerator attached and the Lightrifle has a scope and is shot in bursts comparable to the Battle Rifle from Halo games past. The Suppressor is also said to have been used against the Flood and is the Frontrunner version of the assault rifle, except its ammo is “bolts of charged Hardlight that pierce and destroy organic material of any type.” The final weapon, the Incineration Cannon, is a combination of a rocket launcher, a shotgun and a flamethrower. These can be picked up after defeating Knight Commanders. The new grenade type is called a Pulse Grenade and it can slow down vehicles while also causing damage to both shields and health.

Are you excited for the new gun types in Halo 4? The comment section below awaits you!

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