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Halo 4 and The Prometheans

Posted September 14, 2012 by Noxxic in Previews
Prometheans pic

Halo 4 is the most anticipated shooter of 2012 because of its graphics, new developer, and above all the newest enemy of Master Chief; the Prometheans. Master Chief is waking up in Halo 4 and he has all the help of the newly made Cortanna to fight against a foe unlike any he has ever encountered before. The Prometheans are part of a new planet, not just a Halo and the Covenant are still in the game but they are just searching for a weapon of some kind to empower Didact, an ancient forerunner that is making a debut in this epic game.

343 Industries has pulled out all of the stops for this continuation of an epic series, from the enemies to the landscape and especially in the enemies themselves. The Prometheans are a new race that is naturally violent and are the first group of enemies that work as a team and their fighting style changes based on which groups you are fighting. They have armor to cover up their deep, dark natural faces and bodies as seen in recent media, a plasma like skeleton face is screaming at Master Chief and it gets covered up in the catacomb that is its armor. Also, the weapons that the Prometheans use are some of the most unique tools in an arsenal that have ever been used. The weapons form to Master Chief’s hand when he uses them and some of them have more than just one use making them the perfect weapons for this deadly warrior.

343 Industries is promising an amazing campaign against the Prometheans and players are going to be tested worse than they ever have been before with Halo 4. Players can’t wait to get their hands on this amazing first person shooter and to fight against the coolest enemies to hit a console in quite a while.

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