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Guild Wars 2 Open World PVP Imbalanced?

Posted September 3, 2012 by Leeroy Jenkins in Editorials

Guild Wars 2 was one of the most anticipated MMO launches of 2012, with the original Guild Wars being one of the best PVP games of all time. Yes the main idea of the game is to get to max level and then start going in to the open world and killing enemy players, but it seems as of late, there are certain battles that are completely one sided. The game has an amazing, almost medieval feel to it because in certain battles, players can build siege engines and weapons that are able to take down enemy walls in their strongholds. This aspect is really unique and refreshing, especially when they combine it with cross boarder combat (like a Ranger being able to shoot arrows over a wall at his foes) like they have.

The PVP as far as the fighting is supposed to be “the most balanced player versus player combat that has ever been made”. However, the way that things have been going, let’s just say there has been a lot of use of the temporary free server transfer ability because it is so unbalanced. It looks as though players aren’t seeing the unbalance in the combat itself, but they are seeing it in certain objectives with the open world PVP. There are so many victories being kicked out of a few servers and some that have none versus how it was supposed to be, with wins and losses being spread across the board.

This looks like it presents a huge problem but Guild Wars 2 is still in a major development and with all of the server transfers, the game is going most likely going to balance itself out or else the developers are going to have their work cut out for them. In the mean-time, guilds in the war out there need to stop whining and maybe start playing a little bit smarter and see what happens then.


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