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Gotham City Imposters Still Popular

Posted September 4, 2012 by Leeroy Jenkins in News

Gotham City Imposters is one of the most creative “shooters” available for the Xbox Marketplace arcade section. With the way the game is portrayed through the cinematic scenes and the players that play the game, nobody takes the game seriously because of the looks and gameplay. However, if players actually take the time to try the game out, they would experience the fun and unique style of the game like the rest of us have. The game is a hilarious take on Batman and it provides kid and adult humor in both of the cinematic scenes and gameplay itself.

The game allows for players to customize their class, weapons, and style of gameplay. From skating around with a giant sword, cutting enemies in to pieces , to changing the kind of gun that you are carrying around, Gotham City Imposters is almost like Call of Duty with a little more chaos. The game has different modes like Team Deathmatch and a King of the Hill sort of game mode as well. If a gamer is looking for some intense shooter with some intense graphics and engaging combat, this is not the game for them in the slightest. However, if that same gamer is looking for a game that is a good time, pretty funny, and meant for goofing around then this is perfect for them.

Considering Gotham City Imposters, no one would expect it to become popular, or even successful in the slightest, but all it takes is playing the “demo” which actually gives you some time to play the game before you decide you want to play it more. It’s true, the game does not provide any sort of campaign or storyline, but the multiplayer is very refreshing for players that are over the standard shoot-em-up games.

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