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Challenge Modes and Proving Grounds in Mists of Pandaria

Posted September 24, 2012 by Noxxic in Editorials
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Mists of Pandaria has been launched and many gamers are ready for the opening content, but how many are prepared for the endgame content as well such as Challenge Modes and Proving Grounds? Challenge Mode dungeons are going to be a player’s true test of skill since gear is taken out of the equation and the runs are harder than a heroic dungeon and you’re being timed. Proving Grounds are going to be like Challenge Modes for the new scenarios, they are solo instances where you are given a situation (based on your class and role) and you need to perform well as a player for a high rank.

Challenge Modes are something players have been asking about for quite some time and Blizzard has FINALLY given them to us. Doing these time-trial runs will earn you medals, the better your time is, the better medal you get and they have been very clear about stating that Challenge Modes are not something you can just sleep through to get them done. These modes are for the hardcore players that are competitive and want to prove themselves on those leaderboards. Proving Grounds are going to basically let servers out there know who is the best tank, damage, or healer class in your server. Now this is Blizzard’s general idea since they are adding leaderboards to everything that represent score. I think this is an amazing addition because it will motivate so many people to actually try and care about their class for that top spot on the boards.

Both of these modes in Mists of Pandaria are going to do wonders for World of Warcraft and players need to be paying attention when all this releases if they want to make a dent in those leaderboards. It’s all fair because everyone has the same setting so get out there and prove yourself on the grounds of challenge modes in Mists of Pandaria Azerothians.

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