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Borderlands 2 More Character DLC if Mechromancer Succeeds

Posted September 21, 2012 by Noxxic in News
Mechromancer Pic

Borderlands 2 is one of the most creative games ever made, especially for the uniqueness of the characters in the game. The first of the four classes is the Soldier, played by Axton who controls a turret to take his foes down along with rocket launchers and rifles. The second class is the Siren, played by Maya who controls certain kinetic abilities and elemental damage to destroy her enemies. The third hero basically uses any gun/s he can get his hand/s on and that is the Gunzerker, Salvador who can dual wield weapons and take mass damage to help protect his friends. The last character but certainly not least is Zer0, who uses sniper rifles to kill enemies from far away and a deadly sword to melee low health enemies to death.

All of these characters are great and offer a ton, but we’re here to talk about the Mechromancer, who will be using robots and abilities through those robots to kill psychos all over Pandora. The folks from Gearbox Software are saying that even more character downloadable content will be available if players like the Mechromancer and fans are already saying they have stopped playing on their characters because they want to re-roll characters and raise the Mechromancer instead. This character shows great promise and if it does succeed, the Mechromancer will be the first of so many to be coming out if we know how extra content works with these guys.

Gearbox Software released so many new areas and level increases, and weapons from the new expansions and if they can deliver even just half of the effort that they did for the original game on the upcoming character DLC, it will be amazing. Players need to give their honest opinion of the Mechromancer when it comes out next month and if they want more characters to come out after experiencing the first new addition.

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