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Dust 514 Is the Future of Gaming

Posted August 28, 2012 by Noxxic in Previews
DUST 514

Dust 514 is a shooter that is providing a form of cross-platform gaming that will be the future of games everywhere. In Dust 514, players will take on the role of “mercenaries” that can be hired by players that play another game; Eve. This style and idea for gaming is going to take the entire industry by storm, because it is going to provide a community that everyone wants to be a part of. First of all, players are going to feel important because players from EVE will go on forums and message boards for Dust 514 and post recruitment notices to get some boots in the dust to help them capture and secure certain planets and areas. EVE is a wonderful galactic MMO that is about territorial dominance and the captains of ships will finally have a way to boost the possibility of capturing a certain area.

Marines in Dust 514 are going to have access to more weapons and vehicles based on how the players in Eve are doing up in the galaxy. This is really the first time that players on the computer are going to be influenced on how well a player on a console game is doing and that is how so many gamers are going to make some friends, meet people that enjoy the same thing they do, and really be able to learn from one another.

It doesn’t look like Dust 514 will be available until 2013 but the game seems well worth the wait because it not only is bringing cross platform gaming to a whole new level, the graphics and gameplay look like they are going to be unmatched by any shooter before or after it. This idea for cooperative gaming was brilliant and has a chance to change the way games are done from here on out.

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