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Poll of the Week: Mass Effect 3 Romance Who Will You Choose?

Posted March 1, 2012 by Taylor Stein in Polls

The Mass Effect series is renowned for its wide display of cinematic elements, a well developed storyline, and providing players with an all around immersive experience. Bioware has truly mastered the formula of player engagement, somehow keeping us committed to the franchise’s struggles, characters, and ultimate fate.

Perhaps an additional component to the success of the Mass Effect series is the ability to choose a romantic partner in the midst of the chaos. Commander Shepard is granted a sense of humanity that few video game protagonists fully embody. An intergalactic war is nothing without the emotional ties that give you a reason to fight.

Mass Effect 3 offers an assortment of potential love interests; some new, some old, and many who are single and ready to mingle. Whether you’re into blue, biotic wielding women or gun-toting veterans, the sheer diversity of the SR-2 Normandy crew offers a little bit of everything you could ask for.

Who do you plan on choosing to be Commander Shepard’s romantic interest in Mass Effect 3? Do you plan on continuing any romantic engagements from either of the previous games? Shout out in the poll and comments below.

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  • Taylor Stein

    I know I’m going to play through this game multiple times, but I gotta pick Liara for playthrough 1.

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