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Resident Evil Revelations: A 3D Trip Through Hell

Posted February 9, 2012 by Brad in Editorials

As night falls upon the Nintendo 3DS, terrors rise from its horrifyingly 3D screen. So ready your weapons and salvage your ammo, because Capcom’s Resident Evil Revelations has oozed its way into stores near you. Gameplay is divided into tense arcade-style segments that keep you on your toes, and action oriented segments that get your heart racing. Players find themselves stranded on the abandoned cruise ship Queen Zenobia to begin with, later traversing snowy mountain ranges and floating cities. New terrors lurk in the shadows, above and below water, waiting to test the players’ survival skills. Resident Evil Revelations pushes the visual capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS to its limits, weaving a beautifully detailed world that instills in the player awe and terror alike.

Resident Evil Revelations

The story features four playable characters, familiar and new. Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani depart on a deadly mission to locate their missing partner Chris Redfield, and discover a slew of horrors along the way. Plot twists and drama grip the player, as they strive to understand the T-Virus and the role of Veltro, a shadowy terrorist group. Managing ammunition is key, as is customizing and improving weapons and equipment to survive the infected hordes.

Aside from the campaign, Capcom has included a new multiplayer feature: Raid Mode. Raid mode allows players to compete or cooperate through missions by means of online and local play. Players earn points during the missions, and can unlock new equipment and upgrades to improve their performance. The Nintendo 3DS’s StreetPass feature is also enabled, allowing players to collect more goodies and missions.

For a truly engrossing and horrifying experience on the Nintendo 3DS, set your sights on Resident Evil Revelations.

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  • Bob Jones

    Capcom has been busy lately huh? With this, Resident Evil 6, and the Operation Racoon City there’s gonna be a whole lot of zombie action in the near future.

    • Kayla

      A lot of WELCOMED zombie action 😀

  • Taylor Stein

    Have you seen the RE 6 trailer? The gameplay looks insane!

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