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Kid Icarus: Uprising Multiplayer Details

Posted February 24, 2012 by Brian Panella in News

Nintendo has recently released several details pertaining to how the multiplayer in Kid Icarus: Uprising for the 3DS will be functioning.

One of the biggest multiplayer features announced, is that a multitude of weapons from the story mode will be available in most multiplayer modes. Players can collect these weapons by playing the single player mode or by using the Street Pass feature of their 3DS to gather weapon gems that can be combined with in-game collectable hearts to create better items. The farther into the single player game someone progresses, or the more weapon gems they collect, the better weapons they will attain.

Collect weapon gems using street pass!

The most standard of all modes is free-for-all, which is exactly what it sounds like; six players get behind the wings of their own angel and fight for the high score. The winner of the match will be determined by the amount of points each player has, with kills and deaths being the primary point winners. If there are not enough players to fill in all 6 spots, then the CPU will take over for those angels.

Things really get interesting when players enter into a Light vs. Dark match. Players will be separated into two teams of three, one being the Light team and the other being, you guessed it, the Dark team. Each angel will have its own life bar and there will also be a second, team health bar. If you are playing for the Light team, and someone from you team dies, then the Light team health bar will go down. Now, the amount of health that is lost from the team bar depends upon which weapon someone is using. If someone is using a high level, hard to obtain weapon that is very strong, their death will cause the team health bar to go down quite a lot.

When the team health bar hits zero it is not the end of the game, on the contrary, this is when the real game begins. Whoever was the last person killed for a team will then respawn as either Pit, if playing for the Light Team, or a black clad angel that shockingly resembles Pit, if playing for the Dark Team and a new health bar will appear. So basically, if I was playing for the Light team and my death caused our team bar to diminish entirely, I would respawn as Pit.

Pit just chillen with his posse

Pit and the Dark Angel are very powerful characters and the new health bar that appears is attached solely to the amount of damage that the newly spawned angel takes. Once either Pit or the Dark Angel have been killed, the match is over. This will cause for a lot of strategy within a team, having to balance protecting their angel with damaging the opposing team’s angel.

There have been some worries aimed at Kid Icarus: Uprising, but the new Light vs. Dark mode sounds like it will add a lot of depth to the multiplayer, adding hours to the game’s lifespan. Only time will tell then, and keep tuned into for a review of the game after it drops in North America on March 22.

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