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Countdown to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 : Release Day!

Posted November 8, 2011 by Staff in Features

For those attempting to get their hands on MW3 in the next few days, be prepared. As one of the most anticipated games in history, your nearest retail store will undoubtedly be crawling with CoD fanboys and eager gamers. Before you attempt to navigate through the endless lines and traverse the hordes of excited people, you must have a plan of attack. Whether you plan on pre-ordering or not, picking up your fresh new copy of MW3 is going to be a daunting task. Gaming Precision is laying down the reality of any late night release party and how you can ready yourself for the CoD MW3 midnight release.

1.) Be sure you have consumed an appropriate quantity of sanctioned rations via you particular choice of energy drink. The limited edition MW3 Mountain Dew beverage will tide you over til you hit the cash register and it fits with the theme of the evening.

2.) Cosplay is not a good idea. No one wants the cops called over to GameStop for a person bringing in a Barrett 50 Cal airsoft gun while dressed in a full ghillie suit. You may be a fan, we understand that. But we don’t want you sitting in jail instead of playing MW3.

3.) It’s not a good idea to melee your way to the front of the line even though it may be an enticing thought; for the same reason suggested in #2 above, especially if cloaked in a ghillie suit.

4.) Watch out for the screamers and the “I’m going to pass out when I get my copy!” people. They may be excited and you may just be tempted to punch the nearest screamer in the face.

5.) You may come in contact with people that smell like they have bathed in nova gas. It’s a tight, grouped area, make sure to deodorize prior to launch. It’s bad enough standing in line with all the nerd-ermones floating in the air.

6.) If there is a long line for the event, keep an eye out for line-cutters and those eager to bribe you for your position. Trust us, this is a reality. Only trade your position if it’s worth your while. If someone offers you $20 for example, I’d say sold! If someone offers you a hug instead, politely decline with a stern look and negative rebuttal.

7.)  Absolutely no camping around the counter. It’s not good when you have ten people showing up to get one copy.  Then, you have to wait for the herd of people to exit the room just so you can get to the register.

8.) Release night goodies are always good. If you’re someone that doesn’t care much about the extra posters, key chains, and miscellaneous trinkets, trade or sell them to your fellow gamers and make a few bucks while you’re at it. The lucky few who purchase the limited edition copies will be able to enjoy the luxurious feeling of exclusivity.

9.)  When you are finally able to get your hands on MW3, do not paint a, “ROB ME” sign on your back. Meaning, don’t overreact to getting MW3. Just calmly take your little bag of awesomness and move on. Jumping around and screaming will possibly hurt someone or yourself. Beware of dark alleys on the way home.

10.) Right before you pop that disk in the tray or slot. Make sure you open the case and take a whiff of the new game smell. It’s a nice kick in the pants to get you pumped for all the mayhem and ranking up you will be doing all night and through the morning.

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