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10 Tips to Improve your MW3 Game

Posted November 27, 2011 by Staff in Features

With Thanksgiving behind us and a bounty of turkey leftovers for the weekend, why not accompany the festive spirit with some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Considering gamers have been hard at work raising their levels for the past few weeks, this weekend could prove to be the perfect opportunity to analyze your play style to be more competitive in the CoD community.

Check out our list of 10 tips and tricks that will not only give you an advantage on the battlefield, but will help you to increase your rank and prestige faster during the holiday traffic surge.

10.) Hip Fire – Hip firing is an excellent way to defend yourself especially on a turn and shoot scenario. It also helps when going around corners, and in close-quarter situations that may call on the use of your secondary weapon.

9.) Strike Packages – Examine your play style and it to benefit your team and/or yourself. If you’re dying quite a bit and your K/D isn’t typically above 100% then the Support Package might be more appropriate for you. It doesn’t penalize you for dying, meaning your point streak bar doesn’t reset after a death. The Support Package can be good for run-and-gun styles as well.

If you’re the type of player that prefers to hang back a bit, someone who doesn’t engage in giant center map skirmishes then the Assault package is right for you. It will allow you to take control of your kill count by gaining that edge in offense that you don’t usually go into risking your streak ending over a death.

8.) Class set up – Setting up your weapon class properly will not only allow you to obtain kills, but a well crafted class can give you an advantage when facing certain opponents with perks that would oppose yours.

Perks are a great thing if used correctly. Picking perks that compliment your strike packages and weapon set work the best. For example, a run-and-gun player using a Support Package with the UMP45 as the primary weapon and the FMG9 as the secondary weapon might find an advantage with Sleight of hand, Quick draw, and Steady aim.

Attachments can play a role in how your perks should be chosen also. Silenced weapons work well with Assassin, and Blind eye. If you do use a silencer, using a rocket launcher as a secondary weapon could be useful for destroying aircrafts. Evaluate how your weapons, attachments, proficiencies, and perks work. Get them to complement each other and work together to give you the competitive edge.

7.) Reload after single kills – This should be a primary function. While reloading is necessary, it can be a terrible thing to do in a room full of bad guys. Be careful not to reload right away if you are unsure if there are others right around the corner.

6.) Avoid enemy care packages – This one is important. Use your discretion when attempting to snag an enemy care package as it may be a trap. If you see a lone care package with no one around then there is a good chance that the crate will blow up in your face.

If you catch an enemy waiting for a package drop, take him out. Do not open the package right away as it still might be a trap. Instead, defend the crate and get yourself a few kills. If enemies swarm your position in an attempt to retrieve the care package, you can be sure that there must be something good inside. Gaining a few extra kills and a care package goodie is much better than dying from a rigged package.

5.) Care package trap – Speaking of care packages, using a sabotaged support package can win you multi-kills like crazy if you use it to your advantage. Drop your package close to an enemy spawn. Not right on it but, drop it about 1/4 map length away.

Then camp near it to make it appear as if you’re collecting your crate. You will most certainly die as the enemy team goes for the package. However, a nice multi-kill will erase any sore feelings about one death. Plus, since this is a support package, you will not lose your killstreak point bar and you can progress to the next tier.

4.) Aim down sights around corners with open areas– Aiming down sights (ADS) is a useful tool when approaching high traffic areas. Especially around corners or areas you know have a high death percentage. Call of Duty Elite’s heat maps will help you determine those areas.

In real-life military academies and police training programs, officers teach recruits to aim down sights when clearing a room, starting with the closest corner and scanning quickly to the other side of the room. This tactic requires an in-depth reliance on your peripheral vision and visual reaction time. Constantly scanning the area for enemies will give you an advantage to those only relying on the minimap. Be wary, enemies can be everywhere and the split second advantage you receive from keeping your eyes peeled could make the difference in any situation.

3.) Use cover to as an advantage – Although almost all cover objects are bullet penetrable they are not visually. Use this to your advantage by ducking or going prone out of the line of sight. Then pop up in the middle of your target’s reload animation. You get a chance to reload while the opposing player is wasting ammo trying to find you.

2.) The Run-Turn-and-Gun – This is a useful skill in any first person shooter online. Here’s how it works: a foe fires at you as you’re running around the map. Dash around the corner and estimate time how long it will take for that person to reach that position. Catch them off guard and take them out right as they go around the corner. Don’t let them get the upper hand in the chase, be in a position to pounce or surprise your enemy and the kill is as good as yours.

1.) Have fun! – It’s what the game was made for! Delve into the content and mechanics of the gameplay and you’ll see that there is more to CoD MW3 than just shooting someone on the other team. The best way to guarantee the fun factor is by learning to tweak your play style. Play smart and give your rivals a virtual kick in the pants.

Take these tips and tricks and use them to improve your game. As more players reach higher prestige levels and you face opponents of a higher rank, you never know what edge you’ll need. Have fun and see you guys online!

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  • Sarah

    I like this list. Golden star on the hipfire advice, that’s always been super helpful for me.

  • Mike

    Do you guys prefer to use Assault or Support for your killstreaks??

    • Brandon

      Support Class here. I run-and-gun and I manage to have a positive K/D.

    • Taylor Stein

      I’m more of an Assault person. My kill death is almost 2.0 now 😀

  • Nick

    Wats ur xbox gamertag so we can play online mines is killshot662

  • Brandon

    Cybercast is my gamertag on Xbox live and on PSN also. I mainly play cod on my ps3 to veer away from the screaming children on live . Lol

  • grant

    How do players know where i am even if i have all the hiding perks?

    • Caleb

      Map awareness. The hiding perks like blind eye, assassin, and dead silence are great but they don’t make you invisible. If you don’t play hardcore the kill cam will give you away everytime.

  • Katie

    Im a girl amd i’ve been doing the #2 trap for years and im no where tired of it x)

  • SEAbraXD

    It seems as though you’re encouraging camping, not cool. Though you did have some pretty decent points to nake.


    I read an posting comparable to this previous week, but I do think
    you have performed a a great deal far better career and definitely hitting the details.

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