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Recommendations of the Week 8-5-11

Posted August 5, 2011 by Esteban Cuevas in Features

This week’s recommendations are brought to you by BORDERLANDS 2!!!!!!!!!!!! Reminding you that there isn’t crap to play right now!

Hello and welcome to Recommendations of the Week. This featured article on Gaming Precision tells you games to play for the upcoming week and weekend. Time is precious and we can’t be bother playing video games that suck the big one. Don’t waste your time on the new Bleach title when there’s better games to be had. Except that there almost isn’t. Yes, this week is pretty dry in terms of new gaming experiences. Arguably the weakest release week of the year, there aren’t any great new titles out this week. But don’t fret, and above all, DON’T PANIC! We’ve got the ports of one of last year’s greatest XBLA games, the anniversary of the strongest woman in video games and because I’ve been playing it, a Rockstar who’s actually a Gangsta.

Limbo. It’s supposedly a place between heaven and hell. It’s also a dance in which you attempt to move under an increasingly lowered bar. Now it’s also the name of a beautifully dark platforming game where you control a little boy looking for his sister. He appears to be on the edge of darkness (you know where that is) and he must make his way across this grizzly place by solving puzzles. The game is un-apologetically creepy and the lack of music in favor of ambient sounds enhances the feeling of being just utterly alone. Solitude is what makes this game as creepy as it is. It’s not enough that there are traps and monsters everywhere, but the fact that you must face all of this alone. No one knows you are there and you are completely and totally by yourself. Limbo was released for the Xbox 360 last year but now it’s been released for the PS3 last week and on Steam this week. Everyone should at least experience this game and for those who are scared easy, it’s not like a horror movie so you should be fine. It’s a relatively short game but at $10 on Steam, it’s worth the price.

Metroid is 25 years old! Samus Aran is in her mid twenties now and the best way to celebrate her birthday tomorrow, August 6th, is to play the first game in the series. The original Metroid is one of the greatest games ever made and like Limbo, the sense of being alone adds to the greatest of this game. You are all on your own on a foreign alien planet going after the Metroid, aliens that can drain life force from anything it latches onto, and the space pirates trying to use the Metroids as weapons. There is no in game map and you must aimlessly wander around the planet looking for power ups and upgrades so you can make it to the end. One of the first games that gave you a world to explore on your own, Metroid was groundbreaking in its gameplay, presentation and also in its revelation at the end that you were playing a woman this whole time. One of my favorite NES titles, I highly recommend everyone play this. Pick up the original NES title or the port to the Game Boy Advance or download it off of the Wii Virtual Console. There is also a remake / reimagining of the game on the Game Boy Advance called Zero Mission that you might want to try if the original is too retro for your tastes. However, the GBA title is very different. So I still recommend the NES version.

This week I was hoping to recommend the latest release in the Summer of Arcade promotion Microsoft has for the Xbox 360 each year. However, like last week’s From Dust, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet didn’t really impress me. It’s a shame that this year’s Summer of Arcade isn’t as strong as years before. Therefore, I decided to share what I’ve been playing for the past week. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is such a massive game I never got into it because it intimidated me. The choices were overwhelming and I thought I could never beat it. I’m now almost through with the game and it’s already my favorite in the series. The improved shooting mechanics compared to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City are the main reason, as well as the strong storyline and interesting characters. I suggest gamers go out and play a game that will take you time to complete that you may have avoid before because we have time now. San Andreas is a great example of this. I could beat the game right now but I’m working on finishing all the extra stuff before I do. Limbo and Metroid unfortunately won’t take you long so give Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas a try or a similarly long game. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas can be found on the PS2, Xbox, PC and Xbox 360. I’m currently playing the PC version.

Each week, I’ll recommend games for you all to play. These aren’t reviews so much as they are suggestions, as I won’t weigh pros and cons of the game. These choices will be new games released that week but sometimes I will choose games with new downloadable content. I’ll also recommend older retro titles because sometimes you need to retreat to move forward! I’ll do this segment every Friday so feel free to let me know what titles you’d like to see be my Recommendations of the Week.

Like what you see? Like even more what you read? Check out Gaming Precision for more recommendations from previous weeks as well as new and retro reviews, thought provoking editorials and news on the biggest happenings in the video game industry. Also check out our Call of Duty Diary, with video of Call of Duty multiplayer and our weekly Thirsty Thursday article, where you can learn how to make video game themed drinks!

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Esteban Cuevas

  • Taylor Stein

    I love Samas! She is definitely one of my favorite characters and not because she’s a girl. Princess Peach is a girl but she sucks, Samas is cool based on her own merits. I didn’t know she was a girl at first either. I thought she was a cyborg or something haha

    • Anonymous

      Samus is cool. I love the first Metroid game, as well as the GBA titles. She’s even one of my favorite characters on Smash Bros. However, I was late to the party with Metroid and by the time I played the game, I knew already she was a chick.

      Oh and Peach does suck. Zelda sucks more though. She has powers and still gets kidnapped. WTF?!

  • Sin

    Colorwind I really enjoy reading your weekly recommendations you make the game sound exciting and fun I wish I could get in to the game and do all the action. Thanks

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