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Nintendo on the iPhone?

Posted August 11, 2011 by Staff in News
iphone-07-01-09-1 is reporting that according to Bloomberg, investors want Nintendo to develop games for the iPhone. They are frustrated that Nintendo is not involved with this new business model and claim Nintendo’s is outdated. The company’s recent financial hardships following the lukewarm reception of the Wii U announcement, lagging sales of the Wii and cold initial response to the new 3DS are fueling the claims. Nintendo is standing their ground, insisting that they have no plans now or in the future to develop for the iOS platform or any non-Nintendo hardware.



I personally think that Nintendo shouldn’t release games for the iPhone and am glad that they don’t plan to. When a game platform under-performs for Sony and Microsoft, it is not as detrimental because their products are diversified in other markets. Nintendo is exclusively a gaming company and video games are their only source of income. What do you think about this story? Should Nintendo develop for other platforms? Should they abandon hardware and focus on games, like Capcom or Ubisoft? Should Nintendo branch out into something other than games as insurance if and when consoles dip in sales? Comment below and tell me your opinion.

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