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Flying Warriors: NES Classic 8-Bit Review

Posted August 12, 2011 by Staff in Reviews

Originally written by contributor Don Alvarez.

Today I decided to review an 8-Bit classic video game from the old Nintendo Entertainment System days. The game of choice is part of the Hiryu-No-Ken series in Japan but in the United States it was dubbed Flying Warriors.

Flying Warriors Opening Screen

Flying Warriors is a game developed by the company Culture Brain who produced many games in the Hiryu-No-Ken series and has had many of their titles featured on the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and the Nintendo 64 Entertainment system. All of the games are different in the series however only the NES version of the game stands out because it fits many different genres. Flying Warriors is a martial arts:

  • 2-D Side scrolling beat em’ up
  • Tournament Fighter
  • Role Playing Game
  • Adventure Game

Now that you are up to speed on the basics lets get to the most enjoyable part… THE GAME!

When you begin the game you are introduced to the opening screen which features a nice song to get you pumped up because with 30 seconds the words FLYING WARRIORS come scaling down and the music begins to get faster and a Flying Warrior comes across the screen *WOOSH*….*WOOSH”. After pressing start you are given options with which to start your game with, Start Password and Tournament.

Start allows you to begin the games main story mode, if you select this mode of play you are given options of difficulty they are  Beginner Medium and Expert. A Fair warning to all those who play this game you can only get the real ending of the game if you beat the game on Expert Mode, however no matter what game mode you play on it is a fun game.

Password allows you to enter a code that is obtained at any point in the game via your options menu and it will save your current level, coins, and items that you have obtained. The games runs off of a continue system from the technical “Game Over” screen you can also obtain your password there.

Password Screen

Tournament Mode allows you to play in a Player VS Computer or in a Player VS Player environment where you can select a different fighting style from a list and after you have selected the amount of characters you want or have reached the maximum the fighting then begins.

Tournament List

After you have selected the kind of game mode you would like to play you are then treated to an option of operation system which you can choose STANDARD or MASTER both of which dramatically change the pace of the game and can add tremendously to the difficulty if the operation mode of MASTER is selected.

STANDARD operation mode is developed for an easy flow combat system in which you only need to press one button on the D-Pad to defend against any attacks. Attacking using this mode is also a lot simpler because everything can be done with either A or B and not have to be chained together with D-Pad directions to make attacks work.

MASTER mode unfortunately is really for masters. I say this because you have to have both fast reflexes and be able to know button combinations on the fly. Master mode is really fun and challenging if you do not mind the constant game overs you will get at higher levels of the game where hit marks move at a fast pace. Master mode mixes D-Pad combinations and button combinations together in order to execute dodges and attacks.


After you have selected START and have chosen your difficulty and OPERATION MODE the game begins and opens with a short story to fill you in on whats going on:

“Along time ago, there were two big powers in the world called the LIGHT DIMENSION and the DARK DIMENSION. Demonyx the king of the Dark Dimension gathered his throng of soldiers in black armor, and declared war against the Light Dimension. Powers clashed and the sky was dyed blood red. Finally the long battle was over with the victory of the Dragon Lord, the hero of the Light Dimension and Demonyx was sealed up by the power of the MANDARA TALISMAN but he left the mysterious words……”I will be back when red evil star appears” Years later, an ominous red star appeared in the night sky. Just then, five shooting lights came down toward the ground.”
Welcome to the world of Flying Warriors!

The game play is for the most part a 2-D side scrolling beat em’ up game, you will traverse the world this way and complete missions and find secret items. Along the way you will fight miscellaneous creatures and gain experience points to raise your level and thus raise your attack and defensive abilities along with your hit points.

At any point during the game you can hit the start button and you can enter your sub-menu, this is where all of your items are stored and your stats can be viewed, you may also receive your password from here so you can stop playing at anytime be warned however that there only specific check point slots in the game so just because you got your password before the Demonyx room doesn’t mean you’ll start at that point exactly instead you will start at the closest check point. The sub-menu I will show you is practically completed because it is an End Game level sub-menu but there are no spoilers here.

Flying Warriors Status Screen


When you are out of the side scrolling screen you will be in a Tournament Mode style fighting arena. There are only two arenas realistically and they are the Dark Dimension and a Martial Arts Tournament ring. Combat operates based on operation mode as stated earlier, at a later point in the game when you obtain magic spells there is a different command for them however you defend against them the same way. I will touch on special abilities later but for now ill leave you with a combat video.

Role Playing Elements

There are 2 very specific bosses that you will encounter during the game that force you to fight in a TURN based RPG style state. You can select a variety of options during this mode pending on the action that just occurred. Since it is TURN based when it is the enemy’s turn to attack you can choose Barrier (acts as a shield against an attack 50% chance to dodge but if you are in critical condition it has a 100% chance to fail and you will take damage) Magic Water (you can use this option to heal up missing Hit Points by consuming one of your magic waters) Escape (leave combat). When it is the enemy’s turn to defend against your attack you have the options of Mystic Spell (allows you to use your magic attacks vs the enemy) Allies (you have 5 flying warriors to choose from during the allies option, some of the mini bosses in the game take bonus damage from a particular warrior so experiment and find out which one does the most) Hiryu-No-Ken you only see this option when you have accumulated 100 K.O. points this attack does critical damage but it has limited uses 3 I believe before you need to recharge your gauge.

Special Notes That Most Have Questions About

Coins: When these start appearing from destroyed NON-BOSS enemies pick them they are used in shops that are hidden in places and you can purchase many things that will help you in your journey.

K.O. Gauge: You fill this gauge by blocking enemy attacks in Combat Mode, while your in exploring mode you gain K.O. gauge by defeating enemies and finding magic scrolls. The maximum at all times is 100. Once the gauge has reached 100 you can throw KI energy blasts and exploration mode and have access to special moves in combat mode.

Special Moves: *These Moves are done only if K.O. Gauge = 100

Hiryu-No-Ken: A special flying kick that deals massive amounts of damage and can be used no matter where the hit star appears on the enemies body. This shares a pool of K.O. Gauge with Mystic Spells and Ki Blast. can be used in Normal and Transformation modes.

Mystic Spells: Magical weapons are found throughout the game that allow you to have access to mystic spells you can use these in combat mode when the hit star is at head level or waist level. It is only available while in Transformation mode. This shares a pool of K.O. Gauge with the Hiryu-No-Ken and Ki Blast. *NEITHER ENEMIES NOR YOU CAN USE MYSTIC SPELLS WHEN HIT STAR IS AT THE FEET *

Ki Blast: Fires Blast of energy. can be executed no matter where the hit start is on the enemies body. can only be used in Normal mode. Shares a K.O. Gauge Pool with Mystic Spells and Hiryu-No-Ken.

Magic Water: Found in Exploration Mode, Shops, and Combat Mode. *THIS WATER IS NOT THE SAME FOR ALL THREE TYPES*

Exploration Mode Water: A random bottle of magic water will float across the screen in a ^v^v^ pattern if you collect it while in this mode it automatically restores some life and cannot be stored

Shop: Purchasing magic water from a shop will cost you 10 coins and will be added to your collect stores of magic water that can be accessed at any point in time by pressing the select button. water consumed in this way restores more life up to a maximum of 9 bottles.

Combat. In combat mode that water floats by in the same pattern as in exploration mode only faster. water caught in this way is added to your stores of magic water for you to use at any time.

Over all this game is good and just needs to be given a chance. This game gets a 10 out of 10 on my scale because it has the perfect mix of elements that make it both an enjoyable and challenging experience for any gamer out there.

Well I sure hope everyone enjoyed the review of this game and I do hope some of you will go out and play it anyway that you can. It is a great classic and really doesn’t get any attention because it is not mainstream. That being said…STAY TUNED for more reviews!

Flying Warriors

Post your Comments and let me know what you think!

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  • Colorwind

    Wow! Great first post. You really took your time didn’t you. I’ve never even heard of this game. I’m impressed. I didn’t think something this complex and genre bending was possible on the NES. The NES library is mostly side-scrollers after all.

  • Cynthia

    Really a great post. Keep up the intensity and I hope you didn’t forget any thing .

  • Tay823

    Great review, very thorough! While I’ve never hear of this game it sounds amazing 😀

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  • Mike

    Reminds me of double dragon. I loved the one on the original gameboy

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