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Final Fantasy VII Remake Confirmed?

Posted August 20, 2011 by Taylor Stein in News
cloud-complete is making some wild allegations. According to the website, the long awaited remake of SquareEnix’s (previously Squaresoft) most famous Final Fantasy title, FF7 has been confirmed. Too bad no one else got the memo.

Fans have been pleading for a Final Fantasy VII-2 for years now. According to, last year Yoichi Wada, the president of Square Enix, made the reboot plans official. The rumor asserts that Final Fantasy VII: Jenova’s Rebirth is slated for a 4th quarter 2012 release. While Wada has stated on record that the company has “Heard its fans’ pleadings to remake FFVII”, there has been no official confirmation about a FF7 game in development.

As a previous Final Fantasy fan I would love to experience the iconic RPG in an updated fashion. The thought of reliving one of my favorite games, completely refurbished with modern technology is tempting but very unlikely. A multitude of sources have produced news pertaining to the production of a FF7 remake in the past, all lacking validity unfortunately.

With SquareEnix’s immense decline in profits, recent lackluster games, and over saturation of sequels, I don’t believe the company could accurately produce a FF7 sequel even if they tried. Fans are critical. If Square attempted a remake and failed, results would be catastrophic for their fan-base, something SquareEnix can’t afford.

Here is an image of what the new case is rumored to look like directly from website.


 I don’t know about you but it looks like Photoshop to me. What do you think about’s allegations?

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Taylor Stein

As an avid gamer and passionate writer, Taylor created Gaming Precision to share her infatuation with others while providing video game insight from a female perspective.

  • Esteban Cuevas

    I’ve heard rumors about this remake for years. I’m actually surprised it’s happening. I’d love to read your reviews on the series. I know you can get more detailed than I can.

  • Darkerson

    I could care less one way or the other. If they do this, I hope they also consider VI and IX. Also, would it be too much to ask for some new additions to the Tactics series on something other then a handheld. Maybe finish out the Ogre Battle series, it was pretty awesome as well!

  • http://YourWebsite... Justin

    This is what I wrote on the comments on the article:

    “If you take a closer look, this is an article with a mixture of scenes from FF7: Advent Children, the E3 stage demo of the PS3 console (which was never intended as a FF7 remake), and fan art. I just started playing playing FF7, and while I would love to see a remake and for this to be true, sadly, it is not. For now, it is just a fan’s dream.”

  • http://YourWebsite... me

    I know something that you all dont know but im not telling

    • puffalis

      can i know

  • http://YourWebsite... Justin

    Something else that should be pointed out is that the picture of the cover there is using the old Playstation 3 logo

  • http://YourWebsite... Donkey_Kong


  • http://YourWebsite... Ian

    Wouldn’t it be funny if it came out on the WiiU?

    • Kida


      All the PS3 fanbrats would be all ‘ahjksRAEG’ because by the time it gets released they’d have to actually get a job instead of being sponges. at home

  • http://YourWebsite... Jesse

    I think it’s fake, just because of how it’s all set up, Zack is on the main cover, but if they remade the game to a T he would still have little involvement in the game and probably wouldn’t be put right ton the front case… also if you look at the “cutsene” pic son the back of the case you can see a still of Sephiroth holding up cloud in the air with his sword, this is a still from the movie Advent Children…. in fact I could be mistaken but al of those pics are from Advent Children with the exception of the opening sequence pic of Midgar (the first one) which was used in Crisis Core… so 100% fake :( Plus I highly doubt Square would tote their game as a “million dollar masterpiece”… All we fans can do is wait patiently, 13-2 and 13 Versus have still yet to be released, after that though I forsee it being remade, 13 was shit… well it was okay, but I know that Square knows they would make MORE money off of a 7 remake and that’ll probly be next on their list when they wrap up the 13 series…

  • http://YourWebsite... Cory

    Im pretty sure the last picture of the 5 on the back is from advent children…fail

  • Max

    Yea those pics are off advent!! Epic fail!!

  • http://YourWebsite... Rai

    Wow so they’re going to try to remake it. Hmmm, interesting….very interesting….

  • http://YourWebsite... girl gamer

    I would love it if there were a remake of FFVII, but I’m not too sure if it will happen any time soon. They are comming out with FFXII-2, and now FFVIV, along with the Kingdom Hearts games (3 is on its way). If they are continuing with all of these projects, as well as the remake, they would need a lot more man power to do all of those games at once 0.o
    I think they would need more of an income as well. I mean, just for remaking FFVII would take a lot of money and time to inhance the imagery of every character (I mean, that also includes the minor ones in the background, and people within every single area, and everything that happens…sheesh, if you think about it, just the characters alone would take a while), remaking the sceneries and the creatures you fight. They would most likely add in voice acting for the characters now, which would take even more time, and money, as well as the effects perhaps new combat styles/orders, redesigning the summonings, and everything else in there. Its a lot to think about and do. I mean, there are so much in the game, and though it would be great for a remake, it may be near impossible for them to do it at the moment with all of their projects. Its not like Square Enix said that they will not do it, since if I remember correctly, they said they would do it if they have time & more people. So there is still that possibility that it could happen, but any time soon would be a negatory. We cannot say that it would never happen, but we cannot hope for it soon. It may take a LONG while for it to appear. I know they are listening to the fan’s calls for a remake, but they are doing their best with their resources and we must respect the fact that it takes a lot of time and effort to make a game in general, whether from scratch or remade (in this case, they would have to start from scratch since I doubt they could easily convert everything within their saved files of the game into the graphics now being used).

    If they are doing it, then I’m happy about it, but I know that it would take quite some time.

    Oh, and those images are indeed fakes, it appears to be photoshoped. I mean, in FFVII, yeah, Zack was in it an all, but his appearances was not important enough for him to be on the front cover. If I remember correctly, I think the logo is the older PS one as well.
    Oh, and the images on the back are from Advent Children. The cover looks SO cool, but its unfortunately fake. Oh well…

  • FF7Nut

    It’s a really good photoshop, considering it’s the advent logo, not the original logo from FF7, and the back side was very detailed with UPC labels and ESRB ratings and copyright and production info. But here’s the question, Square is a japanese company, almost all their games come out in Japan first, so if it was legit (which it’s not) wouldn’t it all be in japanese? As for Zack not being on the front cover, I believe the plan, when talked about with square officials, was that if, and I stress if, they were going to do a remake, they would fill in alot of the plotholes that were left out in the first run. But Zack was an intrical part of the game, because Cloud was Zack for like almost the first two discs, plus, in Nibelheim, if you did the sidequest, you got to see how Zack died, and how Cloud ended up in Midgar. But that’s off topic. The case is a photoshop, a good job, but the creator obviously left out important details that give it away.

  • Jamesher

    If they make a remake of FF7 idc how much it cost to buy it im getting that SHYT!!!!!!!!!

  • Narayakh000

    im buying another ps3 just for it not using my bros ps3 for this

  • Artnog_1488

    Yeah… sorry for all the FF7 fans who got exited… but I’ve seen the original website from wich this cruel lie came from (the echo on the Internet if incredible)… it’s a lie, if you happen to run into the original website you’ll see this post was made on April’s fools day :S… the very author of the post said so himself… it was a joke… a cruel one but a joke noneless…. we’ll always have dreams and a cool and fake game cover (I’ll admit it’s a good job). Sorry guys…

  • Elitezefire

    If they dont remake final fantasy 7 ill curse them to fail as a whole company.They fools created an awesome game and they dont remake it.I bought a ps3 when it was released for a hope of playing ff7 and the game is not released yet.Yeah square fauck off.

  • Samhain0138

    the back case has scenes from the movie…

  • Mou Siluck

    maybe they should do it for a 20 year anniversary. i have no doubts that they will touch back on a record breaking game like in other industries where they bring things back from the past and update and redo things. it makes them more money. but it does cost quite a bit of time and money to do so.

  • tom

    remake with better graphics, same story, new secrets to find, extra dialouge, continue story through advent children, let us ride the motorcycle.

    • keepitgoan

      and much bigger gold saucer! and no voice overs unfortunately.. i dont think japan can handle voiceovers… no squeaky pink dragon characters added either that take up all the screen time. NOT allowed

  • randomguy90

    wonder where the mild sexual references are for the honeybee inn… maybe that got overlooked oO?

  • Guest


  • Everssor

    I’m getting so effing tired of girly boy twilight final fantasy games. I want my gritty post apocalyptic final fantasy 7 again, I have refused to play any titles past 9 they are all shit past that point. They are trying to modernize things that don’t need to be played with, and are appealing to diehard anime asian crowds. It’s sickening

    • keepitgoan

      “I’m getting so effing tired of girly boy twilight final fantasy games. I want my gritty post apocalyptic final fantasy 7 again, I have refused to play any titles past 9 they are all shit past that point.”

      Everssor I couldn’t have said it better myself. and as the article states, if they do remake it, FIRE the Enix part and get SOFT back on board :) and the original writer.

      and darnit Konami wheres suikoden vi already???

      these two games would bring video games back to the core

    • sasquatch

      the company name has nothing to do with it because they are still using most of the ff7 team on 1 or more of there games and the writer for ff7 still works for squar

    • Pookster0123456789

      everssor you are soooooooo fucking right.I still play them but, im tired of seeing games based off of todays world. Its not fantasy to me anymore and pisses me off. The shameful part was that i didn’t realize it until ff13.

  • Iles

    Im a massive final fantasy 7 fan, its my fav out of all of them by far! I saw that someone posted b4 about the younger genration not having played through the experience of it yet, well i my self am 16, my friends have also played through it, their younger siblings have played through it, so have mine. I think that many final fantasy 7 fans (mostly dads think) have played this gamewith their kids and thatthe kids have also fallen in love with it!! To be honest, to me, it seems like ever since FFVII games have gone from amazing to…..shit….. sure the graphics have become alot better but they dont give u the feel of actually being a part of the game. In more recent ones its more ur just watching it as if it was a movie, the automated battles, the number of cut sense..etc….. So, and i know this has been said over and over, i think they really would make a hell of a lot more money from a remake of FFVII.
    Thanks for reading :)

  • Smadngou

    i played this game when i was 12 years old and it rock please do a sequel pleaseee

  • keepitgoan

    all i know is that the day SquareSoft changed into Square Enix is not only the day i pretty much gave up video games, but also the day i died a little inside :(

  • Victor Fuentes

    Final Fantasy 7 is the only real Final Fantasy!!! The word Epic doesn’t even come close to describing the greatest game ever in video gaming history, a remake would be fantastic even if it’s arrival was for Playstation 4.

    I was 19 when I bought my first Playstation, no games just a demo disc included, I remember playing the demo to Final Fantasy 7 and that was it, Never before playing any Final Fantasy title I bought the game asap, played it for months, I was soo imerssed in the story and amazed that this was the future of gaming/story telling. Playstation One was limited, Square Enix this is an opportunity to remake and recapture a world not only a video game. Final Fantasy 7 caught the hearts of gamers due to it’s story, it’s characters, the world within the discs, I’m sure you cam recreate it in total truth to the original…. Make it happen!

  • Blingbling Girl


  • Chriseversole

    please please please remake FFVII!!!!!!!!!!!! its been my dream for the past 12 years!

  • Chriseversole

    i would gladly pay 200 bucks for an updated version of FFVII. not to sound like a sissy but the thought of a remake brings tears to my eyes.

  • Mac

    I’ve been waiting for a remake, but have heard nothing but ‘nays’… The picture above looks pretty legit, but if anything, Cloud and Aeris should be on the left, while Sephiroth and Rufus should be on the right. That would look legit. On the back, they should have a pic of something BIG from the game, like the Golden Saucer, Midgar, or better yet, the Ruins of the Ancients where you find the Black Materia. That would be AWESOME!

  • Travis

    Final fantasy seven and FF9 are the best. I cant decide if id rather see 7 remade, or just stay its own little shitty 3-D masterpiece.

  • Mikol Hall

    I really hope this is true that would be awesome i am playing the old virson right now it doesnt even mater if they left it the same thats how it should be but just better graffics is amazing enough.

  • Mark

    A remake of Final Fantasy 7 would be epic. That would be the ultimate game for me! A ps3 version of FF7 would take a long time to make but would be so worth the effort, If they ever get the manpower they really should!

  • Emil

    Jesus christ I actually believed what wrote. I probably wanted to believe it so badly I couldnt see past all the shitty fake stuff… I wouldnt even care if a real remake would suck, nothing can destroy the original in my head. The awesome story and gameplay demands a remake! If I try playing FF7 now the graphics just does not justify the other aspects of it. Please Square Enix, make my dream come true, remake FF7!

  • Curtis

    Why don’t they just make the damn remake already! They say it would take years to remake this game, well then what the hell have they been doing. Making FFXIII and than a sequeal!? to that shitty game. That game sucks, stop making crappy FF and remake your best one that made FF popular in the first place.

  • jizzmypantcozoftifa

    sooner or later , a remake will be made,my guess would be…….PS7,that would be 10 years from now?

  • Nick

    The FF7 title should be left alone. It came out for the PS1, was successful, but now should be left as is.

    All those who want a remake, please just give it up. They ARENT going to remake the game.
    I’m a huge FF fan, seeing a remake would be great, but again, I think FF7 should be left as it is.

    Imagine the “Venus de Milo” statue remade with arms. The entire beauty of it will just be fucked and gone.

  • tag

    It seem’s like one of you fan’s dont understand look it’s going to become just amazing when you start your journey i think it’s going to turn out best game ever
    oh and just keep your eye’s peeled on you tube.

  • drew

    i dont own a ps3 but i love that game to the point that if they do remake it i will buy a ps3 just for that game. but i will say that i hope that they do make the same as the old one. its fine the way it is just want a update on graphics and voice.

  • jd

    i’m not made of money, nor do i expect to land in a pot o’ gold. but as a HUGE FF fan, i would pay any ridiculous amount for this game.

  • E-Nomad

    I’d get a PS3 for this. Even as a PC gaming master race.

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