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Uncharted Movie New Director

Posted July 8, 2011 by Taylor Stein in News

The Uncharted series is one of the most vivid, cinema influenced gaming experiences ever to be created so it’s only fitting that it hits the silver screen as a true movie. David O. Russel who was set to write and direct Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune dropped the project in May due to artistic differences.

Who is picking up the torch? Neil Burger, who last worked on Limitless is the next possible director in line for the undertaking of Naughty Dog’s first addition to the stellar franchise. When Russel was still the head honcho, rumor was that Mark Wahlberg would be playing the role of Nathan Drake. There is no news as to whether Wahlberg is still a part of the venture but it would be interesting seeing Marky Mark as a treasure hunter.

Sony has been pressing the development of an Uncharted movie for some time now, undoubtedly in the effort to push the series beyond the video game realm and into a broader medium. Often movie adaptations of video games fall through the cracks and never quite reach the movie screen. Just keep in mind that this one might actually come to fruition.

Do you think the Uncharted movie will actually become a movie? And what do you think of Mark Wahlberg as Drake?

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