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Nintendo 3DS Compelled me to Buy it

Posted July 4, 2011 by Taylor Stein in Editorials

Have you been compelled to do something without warning or reason? It’s as if something takes over you, as if our subconscious knows something we don’t. Most of the time when this phenomenon happens in the movies it revolves around a dramatic bomb countdown or catching a psycho killer before he strikes again.

In reality the faint notions that urge us to do random, seemingly pointless tasks are far less theatrical, remarkable, or impressive. Yesterday I experienced this rare occurrence while lounging on the couch in my Spongebob pajamas. Did I mention that the brain is a fascinating organ which often chooses the most ridiculous times for a surge of involuntary activity?

Anyway, I was surfing the web in my usual fashion, about to turn off my computer to vacate the confines of my momentary laziness when an arbitrary thought charged into my head from outerspace…at least that’s what I’d like to believe. The idea was a compulsion, an abrupt itch that forced me to visit one last site before closing my laptop. Ebay was its name, and it resonated through me until I reluctantly jabbed the keyboard in the 4-letter configuration.

Now I’m not an online shopper. I rarely if ever visit Ebay, Amazon, or any internet retailers but today seemed different. At this moment in time there was nothing I wanted or was prepared to buy but there I was staring at my computer screen on a nameless mission. After a moment of inactivity I saw it, a brand new, unopened, Nintendo 3DS for only…$199.00. This particular item had free shipping, package insurance, not to mention it was bundled with three games, and a case. Now keep in mind, retail the 3DS sells for $249.99 not including tax and shipping. So this was certainly a deal.

After a few convoluted instances of self doubt and pressure I decided, what the heck! I’ve probably only participated in the bidding arts once or twice in my life and in my mind the odds of me winning an item that was undoubtedly being followed by tons of people was slim to none. The deal had only 10 minutes left so I watched it like a hawk or like Kirby eyeing a piece of cake for you gamers out there.

At the minute mark I made my bid for a whopping $201.50 and a popup filled the screen “YOU ARE NOT SIGNED IN”. How could I have forgotten the most integral piece of the shopping puzzle! I shuffled my fingers as fast as they would move and entered my login info. If not on a computer I’m certain my letters would be unreadable chicken scratch. Thank you technology.

The screen loaded, I waited. As soon as the original page returned to my monitor my eyes darted to the timer. 10, 9, 8, it descended almost in slow motion. I reentered the bargaining price, held my breath…and won. No one was watching this item, everyone missed out on this deal, except me. So ladies and gentlemen, I am officially a Nintendo 3DS owner.

That little cerebral wiggle that ushered me to check a site that I never go too, to buy something I had no intention of buying happens outside of the movies and media and even to people like me. My rendezvous with subconscious might not be flashy but as a gamer, I’m happy it happened in just that way.

The first game I plan on…no WILL buy, is The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time then of course Snake Eater when it comes out. Any other suggestions?

About the Author

Taylor Stein

As an avid gamer and passionate writer, Taylor created Gaming Precision to share her infatuation with others while providing video game insight from a female perspective.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a great little tale. Unfortunately, impulse buys usually end in regret, as you get something not too good. Luckly, the 3DS was on sale with games.

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