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Legend of Redemption: A Western Themed Zelda

Posted July 26, 2011 by Brian Panella in Editorials

Legend of Zelda is my favorite game series of all time and nothing will ever change that…. probably. Ocarina of Time was the first game I ever really played with interest and I have truly enjoyed my time going back and playing such classics as A Link to the Past up to the most recent game released, Twilight Princess. As a major fan, however, I have to say that I am starting to get a little tired of the tried and true Zelda formula. This got me thinking about a recent gaming experience that I truly enjoyed, Red Dead Redemption, and how that western setting could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

People on Deviant Art are way more creative than I am

This new setting could breathe a brand new life into the story, with the main character still being Link but in a run down town in the old west. He could play the role of a bounty hunter, someone that has a lot of training and experience from traveling the land and fighting baddies. This could explain why he has fantastic courage and his fighting ability. In fact, a good tutorial for players would be taking control of Link in the middle of a bounty, taking the “throw someone right into the middle of things” approach.

Now, I am not saying that Link would be fighting humans, on the contrary I am saying that he would be weirlding two pistols and still fighting monsters. He is, after all, located in Hyrule where monsters do exist. The type of bounties he would be chasing would be that of monster leaders, the higher developed guys that would be leading the legions of uglies.

Throw him into a cowboy hat and Green Cowboy clothing

Now, when devling deep into the story of the game, it would still be the Zelda story that we have grown to love. Link would meet a beautiful girl, Zelda, that was passing through his run down saloon in order to obtain directions from the bartender. She would be from a wealthy family and the two of them would only glance at one another for a second, but this glance will be one of longing, passion and of odd familiarity. Later on that night, Link would hear rumors of a wealthy family’s buggy that was attacked out in the desert. He would then promptly jump onto Epona’s back and ride hard and fast to where the attack took place. Upon arriving, he would find a carriage on fire and signs of a battle, but in the center of the firewould be a glowing triforce. This is when Link would learn that he is part of a line of heroes, ones that have throughout the history of time saved the land of Hyrule time and time again and it is once again time for a hero to rise.

He must travel along Hyrule, a now barren land, to temples in order to assemble his pieces of the triforce in order to save the girl and take down the ultimate evil. The Wild West setting will still lend itself to the gadgets and weapons that are normally collected throughout the series, with the boomerang still being available along with things such as a whip, spiked boots for climbing, and the ever present bombs. Eventually Link will recover the Master Sword, which will be used for Bosses and Sub-Bosses because it will be the only weapon strong enough to banish the evil doers.

Finally, the most exciting part I thought about would be the final boss battle against Ganon. Throughout Link’s adventure, Ganon will have taken over more and more of the land, as opposed to Twilight Princess where you were taking back more land. This will give the game a more eerie feel, like you are fighting a losing battle. The ending area will be an evil tower that has erected in the middle of the land. Inside of the tower will be similar to that of ages past, ordaned with elaborate carpets and fantastic structures. Upon entering the castle, it will be as a time warp and Link will appear before the sages. He will be wearing his famous green tunic and hat, no longer armed with his pistols but just his Master Sword, with which players will have had a lot of training with by now, and the rest of his arsenal. Making his way to the top of the tower, Link will then end this journey with an epic final battle against Ganon who is now more powerful than ever because of his extended waiting time that he used to gather his power.

This could be the future of Hyrule

A Western themed Zelda could complete rock the franchise in a good way, but I am under no delusion that this will actually happen. I am also not saying that Nintendo should make “Legend of Redemption,” this game would be a true Zelda game, controlling the way people expect and not like a Rockstar game. While Nintendo has tried so off the wall things, like in Windwaker when they made the entirety of the map water, this would be far to drastic of a change and far to many fans would be upset. Skyward Sword does look like a step in the right direction in terms of re-envisioning the series with flying creatures and the fact that Nintendo has not revealed to many details about the story or over world.

Stay tuned into to Gaming Precision for all your Zelda needs!

About the Author

Brian Panella

Ever since I was a wee child, video games have been a passion of mine.Now that I am a big strong man myself, I love playing everything from the Legend of Zelda to BulletStorm.

  • Taylor Stein

    What an interesting idea. Seriously the most addicting thing in Red Dead Redemption was the shooting, killing, and skinning of animals. Wouldn’t that be weird to see the same thing only with Link? Haha very strange but super cool idea 😀

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